No person shall place or deposit or permit to be placed or deposited the carcass of a dead animal in any street, alley, open excavation, abandoned well or cistern, ditch, stream or body of water, or onto the surface of the ground, or in any other manner deemed improper by the Department of Health. The owner or occupant of the land on which the carcass of a dead animal is found shall promptly provide for its proper removal and disposal. The carcass shall be disposed of in a manner to avoid the creation of a nuisance or the contamination of a water supply, by burning in a crematory suitable for the purpose, by reduction in a plant operating under license of the State Department of Agriculture, or by burial under at least three feet of earth cover at a point not less than 500 feet from any water supply, building of human occupancy, road, stream or body of water. (Ord. 49-66. Passed 5-17-66.)