(a)   The purpose of this chapter is to provide requirements for all permits, and the policies of the City related thereto, authorizing either:
      (1)    The installation and operations of a cable system in the City; or
      (2)    The installation and operation a competitive video system in the City.
   (b)   This chapter does not take the place of any franchise, license, or permit which may be additionally required by law, including but not limited to any ordinance or regulations governing use of City owned rights of way. Each provider shall obtain any and all such franchises, licenses, or permits necessary to the operation and conduct of its business.
   (c)   Unless otherwise set forth herein, the Mayor is hereby granted the authority and duty of enforcing the provisions of this chapter.
   (d)   No person shall operate a cable system or a competitive video system within the City unless it obtains a permit and conforms to the requirements set forth therein and in this chapter.
   (e)   The policy of the City with regard to cable systems and competitive video systems is hereby declared to be:
      (1)   The promotion of the availability of a wide range of services to subscribers at reasonable rates and upon reasonable terms and conditions;
      (2)   To assure the City is in the forefront of technology infrastructure for the "information superhighway" and that access to the same should be available to all citizens and businesses in the City at the earliest possible time;
      (3)   The promotion and the use of cable systems, competitive video systems and other communications networks to enhance education in the schools;
      (4)   The promotion of increased public and educational access and programming, in terms of quality and amount;
      (5)   The promotion of the availability of a wide variety of services, including interactive services from enhanced two-way systems;
      (6)   To promote the interconnection and opening of all communications networks, including the cable systems and competitive video systems;
      (7)   The promotion of competition in the provision of services, both among providers and with other service providers;
      (8)   To promote and encourage providers to adopt goals and to utilize female and minority business enterprise in the conduct of their business in the City; and
      (9)   To provide an atmosphere and regulatory environment which provides the opportunity for providers to earn a fair return and promotes innovation and investment.
         (Ord. 30-07. Passed 4-3-07.)