All billiard rooms licensed hereunder shall conform to the following specifications and requirements:
   (a)    The billiard room shall be open to view from the street or from a location open and accessible to the public, at both the front and the rear of the building.
   (b)    There shall be a rear or side entrance from either of which a clear view may be had of the interior of the billiard room.
   (c)    There shall be a front entrance which shall remain unlocked during the hours of operation of the billiard room.
   (d)    There shall be a clear glass in the windows and doors of each billiard room at least eighteen by twenty-four inches and placed between four and one-half and six feet above the ground.
   (e)    There shall be no screen, blind, partition or other obstruction to clear vision through the establishment from front to rear during hours of operation.
   (f)    There shall be no warning signal, device, system or arrangement which is used, or could be used, to make occupants and employees of the billiard room aware of the approach or presence of inspectors or police officers.
   (g)    No game of or with dice of any description shall be played in a licensed billiard room.
   (h)    All billiard rooms shall be on the ground floor of the building where located.
      (Ord. 72-90. Passed 10-16-90.)