The Chief of Police shall cause an investigation to be made as to the character and fitness of the applicant or applicants or the officers of the club, society or corporation, or of the person who is to have the general management of the business. The application shall be rejected if the Chief of Police finds:
   (a)    Any of the persons named in the application not of good moral character; or
   (b)    Any of such persons have previously been connected with any pool room where the license has been revoked; or
   (c)    Where any of the provisions with reference to pool rooms have been violated; or
   (d)    If the pool room place, sought to be so licensed, does not comply in every way with regulations, ordinances and laws applicable thereto; or
   (e)    If at any time within one year prior to the date of such application the place for which application made shall have been conducted as a pool room and the sale or giving away of any intoxicating liquors took place or were permitted upon such premises; or
   (f)    If within such time such place was used, frequented or resorted by any riotous, noisy or disorderly persons, or by gamblers or common prostitutes; or
   (g)    If any breach or disturbance of the peace was permitted therein; or
   (h)    If any riotous, noisy or disorderly conduct on such premises was permitted by the proprietor thereof when it was within his power to prevent it.
      (Ord. 72-90. Passed 10-16-90.)