Every applicant for a license shall file with the Chief of Police a written application stating the full name and address, including street and number of the applicant, or if more than one person, or if an association or firm, the full names of all parties interested, and their addresses, including street and number. If the applicant is a club, society or corporation, the application shall contain a complete list of the officers of such club, society or corporation, with their names and addresses, including street and number, and shall also give the state in which such club, society or corporation is organized, and the names of one or more persons whom such club or society, or corporation desires to designate as its manager or managers, person or persons in charge, with their addresses. The application shall also state the following:
   (a)    The premises where the billiard room is to be conducted, including the street and number;
   (b)    The age of the applicants in the case of individuals, and the age of the manager and officers in the case of a club, society or corporation;
   (c)    The applicant or manager meets all of the qualifications set forth in Section 733.04;
   (d)    Whether the applicant has ever been engaged in operating a billiard room, and when, where and how long in each place within five years then last past; and
   (e)    The name of the owner of the premises in which the billiard room is located and the complete address of such owner. The application shall be signed by the applicant or applicants, or, in the case of a club, society or corporation, the application shall be signed by the manager or any of its officers.
   (f)    Every person who applies for a license as set forth in this chapter and every person employed by a licensee shall provide to the Chief of Police two passport size photographs of himself and shall be fingerprinted by the Police Department.
      (Ord. 72-90. Passed 10-16-90.)