Every person, society, club, firm or corporation desiring to open, maintain or be employed in a billiard room must make application to the Chief of Police for a license therefore on such form prescribed by the Chief. The application shall be accompanied by the payment of fees therefore as follows:
   (a)    For a license to open, conduct, maintain or operate a billiard room, one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00);
   (b)    For a license to accept employment in a billiard room fifty dollars ($50.00).
      (Ord. 56-10. Passed 10-5-10.)
   (c)    Provided, however, that no fee or fees required by the provisions hereof shall be required of organizations not operating such billiard rooms for profit. All moneys received by way of license fees shall be paid into the General Fund of the City. (Ord. 72-90. Passed 10-16-90.)