(a)    It shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owner of the premises, lessee or renter to select and maintain the alarm system to be installed. Neither the Director of Public Safety nor his designated representative shall make any recommendation as to brand name, type or quality of product to be installed. All equipment to be used in installations, for which a permit is required, shall meet the applicable standards of the Underwriters' Laboratory of the United States and of Canada, Factory Mutual or other recognized industry standard.
      (1)    Applicant may be required to submit evidence of the reliability and suitability of the equipment to be installed.
      (2)    The Director may establish rules as to which departments or personnel therein shall serve as his designated representatives for the various purposes stated within this chapter.
   (b)   The Director or his designated representative shall have the authority, at reasonable times and upon oral notice, to enter upon any premises within the City to inspect the installation and operation of an alarm system, and the purpose of which is to report an emergency to the safety forces of the City.
      (1)    In the event the premises to be inspected are a private dwelling, such inspection shall only be done between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and only if the notice is in written form addressed to the permit holder and presented to a responsible adult.
      (2)    Under this chapter, such residences or business facilities are only subject to the above inspection after three false alarms have originated from them. The written notice shall cite the specific false alarm history of that permit. Failure to allow reasonable inspection of such alarm system may be grounds for revocation of the alarm permit in addition to any other action permitted by law.
   (c)    The Director may require repairs or adjustments be made whenever he has determined such are necessary to assure proper operation. Failure to make such repairs or adjustments may be grounds for revocation of the alarm permit in addition to any other action permitted by law.
(Ord. 43-92. Passed 7-21-92.)