Whenever it shall be shown by written complaint or by action of the Mayor that any person to whom a permit has been issued under this chapter has violated any of the provisions of this chapter, or that any promoter, agent or solicitor of a permit holder has misrepresented the purpose of the solicitation, the Mayor shall immediately suspend the permit and give the permit holder written notice by certified mail of a hearing to be held within two days after such suspension to determine whether or not the permit should be revoked. If, after such hearing, the Mayor finds that there has been a violation or that the purpose of the solicitation has been misrepresented, the Mayor shall, within two days after the hearing file in his office for public inspection and serve upon the permit holder and all interested persons participating in the hearing, a written statement of the facts upon which he bases such finding and shall immediately revoke the permit. If the applicant feels that the actions of the Mayor have been incorrect, he may appeal to Council within a period of five days after receipt of notice and request a hearing to determine whether or not there has been a violation or misrepresentation. Council shall hold a public hearing upon such request and allow both opponents and proponents of the applicant to participate and state their views and present evidence. Within five days after the conclusion of the hearing, Council shall render a decision either upholding or overruling the action of the Mayor.
(1964 Code §91.13)