If the Mayor denies an application for a permit, he shall notify the applicant of his decision and the grounds thereof by certified mail within five days after the receipt of such notification. The applicant may file a written request for an appeal from such decision, together with exceptions to the grounds upon which the Mayor based his denial of the application, to Council. Upon the filing of such request, the President of Council shall fix a time and place for the hearing, which shall be within fourteen days after the request is filed. The President of Council shall notify the applicant thereof of the time, date and place of the hearing. At the hearing on appeal, the applicant may present evidence in support of his application and exceptions. Any interested person may be allowed to participate in the hearing to present evidence in opposition to the application and exceptions. Within five days after the conclusion of the hearing, Council shall render a report either granting or denying the application for a permit. In its report, Council shall state the grounds upon which its decision is based. The report shall be filed with the City Clerk's office for public inspection, and a copy shall be sent by certified mail to the applicant.
(1964 Code §91.9)