(a)    The application herein required shall contain the following information, or in lieu thereof, a detailed statement of the reason or reasons why such information cannot be furnished:
      (1)    The name, address or headquarters of the person applying for the permit;
      (2)    If applicant is not an individual, the names and addresses of the applicant's principal officers and managers and a copy of the resolution, if any, authorizing such solicitation, certified to as a true and correct copy of the original by the officer having charge of applicant's records;
      (3)    The purpose for which such solicitation is to be made, the total amount of funds proposed to be raised thereby, the use or disposition to be made of any receipts therefrom and provisions made for the return of funds if the funds cannot be used for the purpose stated;
      (4)    A specified statement, supported by reasons and if available, figures showing the need for the contributions to be solicited;
      (5)    The name and address of the person or persons by whom the receipts of such solicitation shall be distributed;
      (6)    An outline of the method or methods to be used in conducting the solicitations;
      (7)    The time when such solicitation shall be made, giving the preferred dates for the beginning and ending of such solicitation;
      (8)    The estimated cost of the solicitation:
      (9)    The amount of any wages, fees, commissions, expenses or emoluments to be expended or paid to any person in connection with such solicitations and the names and addresses of all such persons;
      (10)    A financial statement for the last preceding fiscal year of any funds collected for charitable purposes by the applicant, such statement giving the amount of money so raised, together with the cost of raising it, and final distribution thereof;
      (11)    (EDITOR'S NOTE: Former subsection (a)(11) was repealed by Ordinance 67-81, passed September 1, 1981.)
      (12)    A statement that not less than seventy-five percent of the amount raised shall go for the charitable purpose intended;
      (13)    A statement to the effect that if a permit is granted, it will not be used or represented in any way as an endorsement by the City or by any department or officer thereof;
      (14)    Names of other municipalities where the applicant operates or has operated;
      (15)    (EDITOR'S NOTE: Former subsection (a)(15) was repealed by Ordinance 67-81, passed September 1, 1981.)
      (16)    Such other information as may be reasonably required by the Mayor in order for him to determine the kind and character of the proposed solicitation.
   (b)    If, while any application is pending, or during the term of any permit granted thereon, there is any change in fact, policy or method that would alter the information given in the application, the applicant shall notify the Mayor in writing thereof within twenty-four hours after such change. (1964 Code §91.4; Ord. 67-81. Passed 9-1-81.)