(a)    Before circuses and circus companies transport animals, wagons, trucks and other equipment used in giving a circus performance over the streets of the City, a permit therefor shall be obtained from the Mayor.
(Ord. 70-68. Passed 6-4-68.)  
   (b)    Upon making the application for such permit and before the permit is issued, a deposit shall be made by the applicant with the Director of Public Service as follows:
For one carload, or the fraction thereof
$ 100.00
For two carloads, and not to exceed five
For more than five cars and not to exceed ten cars
For more than ten cars
(Ord. 55-10. Passed 10-5-10.)
   (c)    The moneys deposited as provided in this section shall be paid into the Street Maintenance Bond Trust Fund Account (D-10). The actual cost of cleaning and sweeping streets by reasons of the transportation over them by such circus or circus company of such animals, wagons, trucks and other equipment, shall be deducted. Any balance of such funds, so deposited, shall be returned or paid to such circus or circus company making such deposit.
(Ord. 70-68. Passed 6-4-68.)