Precautions Against Fire
1563.01   Bonfires and outdoor fires.
1563.02   Kindling of fire on land of others.
1563.03   Discarding burning objects prohibited.
1563.04   Hot ashes and other dangerous materials.
1563.05   Accumulation of waste materials.
1563.06   Handling readily combustible materials.
1563.07   Storage of readily combustible materials.
1563.08   Flammable decorative materials in stores.
1563.09   Use of open flame or light restricted.
1563.10   Maintenance of chimneys and heating appliances.
1563.11   Trapdoors to be closed.
1563.12   Shaftways to be marked.
1563.13   Entrance windows or entranceways.
1563.14   Use of torches or flame-producing devices.
1563.15   Setting of fires.
1563.16   Duty to post notice.
1563.17   Duty to report fires.
1563.18   Establishment of fire lanes on private property.
1563.19   Notifying the Fire Department.
1563.20   Interference with fire protection equipment.
1563.21   Dumping of burning load prohibited.
1563.22   Transportation of combustible waste and refuse.
1563.23   Fire appliances.
Power to regulate - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(15)
Powers of local authorities - see W. Va. Code Art. 29-3A
Fire zones - see BLDG. & HOUS. Art. 1735