§ 153.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   Any person violating any provision of this chapter for which no specific penalty is prescribed shall be subject to § 10.99 of this code of ordinances.
   (B)   The failure or refusal for any reason of any owner, or agent of an owner acting on behalf of the owner, to register a vacant building upon adoption of this chapter or to pay any fees required to be paid pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, within 30 days after they become due, shall constitute a violation, punishable upon conviction thereof by a fine in the amount of not less than $100, nor more than $500, or other amounts deemed appropriate by the Municipal Court, for each failure or refusal to pay a required vacant building fee, as applicable. In such cases, whenever the minimum fine of $100 is imposed, it shall not be subject to suspension or reduction for any reason. The Building Code Official, or his or her designee, shall have the authority to suspend or reduce fines that amount to over $100. The Building Code Official shall use his or her discretion in suspending or reducing fines. An aggrieved party may challenge such fine court by using the procedure(s) outlined in § 153.07.
(Ord. 2022-06, passed 3-7-2022)