§ 153.05 INSPECTION.
   At the time of registration, the Building Code Official, Fire Chief, and Chief of Police shall determine whether it is necessary for any or all of them to inspect the structure so as to identify any public safety issues needing addressed. Inspections shall also be available to verify the status of any property concerning occupancy, vacancy, and the like. If an internal inspection is deemed necessary, the owner will be notified of the same and arrangements made for the same. If the owner fails or refuses to consent to and arrange for an inspection, the city, before performing any inspection, must seek an administrative search warrant from a court of competent jurisdiction, which shall include the Municipal Court, to authorize inspection of the premises for the purpose of determining the structural integrity of the building, the repairs necessary to ensure its structural integrity and that it will be safe for entry by firefighters and police officers in time of emergency, and that the building and its contents do not present a hazard to the public during the time that the building remains vacant.
(Ord. 2022-06, passed 3-7-2022)