For the purposes of these regulations, a sign is defined as and shall include any identification, description, illustration or device which is affixed to or integrated into a building, structure or land, or otherwise situated on a lot and which is intended to direct or attract attention to, or announce or promote a product, place, activity, person, institution or business by means of letters, words, designs, colors, symbols, insignia, flags, pennants, banners, fixtures, works, models, balloons, inflatable items, images or illuminations. Signs shall be further classified by physical design or structure, and function or purpose based on the following:
   (a)    Physical Characteristics.
      (1)    "Animated sign" means any sign that uses movement or change of lighting including revolving, rotating, whirling, spinning and flashing to depict action or create a special effect or scene. Animation shall be considered any change or movement more frequent than once per twenty-four hours.
      (2)    "Awning sign" means a sign painted on, printed on, embossed, or attached against the surface of an awning. An awning is defined as a rooflike structure projecting from and supported by the exterior wall of a building constructed of nonrigid materials on a supporting framework. (See Section 1223.03 (a)(5) for the computation of sign area).
      (3)    "Banner sign" means a sign constructed of fabric or any nonrigid material with no enclosing framework.
      (4)    "Canopy sign" means a sign painted, embossed, affixed or attached to the soffit or fascia (vertical surface) of a canopy. A canopy is defined as a primarily horizontal rooflike structure constructed of rigid materials either attached to a building or freestanding (in the case of automobile service station canopies over gas pumps). Canopy signs are not permitted on freestanding canopies (except as provided for in Section 1223.08 (e)) and are only permitted on vertical surfaces of a canopy attached to and part of a building and behind the permitted minimum setback line for the building (see Suspended Sign for a definition of signs hung perpendicular to the store front under a canopy, ceiling or entry, intended for pedestrian visibility).
      (5)    "Changeable copy sign" means a sign or portion of a sign with characters, letters, or illustrations that can be changed or rearranged without altering the face or the surface of the sign. A sign on which the message changes more than once a day shall be considered an animated sign and not a changeable copy sign for purposes of this chapter.
      (6)    "Exposed neon sign" means a sign using neon tube as the light source and sign, with the neon tube either totally exposed or covered only by a clear or transparent face so that the illuminated neon tube is visible.
      (7)    "Flag" means any fabric, banner, or bunting containing distinctive colors, patterns, or symbols, used as a symbol of a government, political subdivision, or other entity.
      (8)    "Freestanding sign" means any sign supported by structures or supports that are anchored in the ground and that are independent from any building. All freestanding signs are further classified structurally as either Monument Signs or Pole Signs.
       (9)    "Mansard sign" means a sign attached to a mansard structure. A mansard is a roof, or structure covered in roofing materials, having two slopes, with the lower slope almost vertical and the upper slope angled (neither horizontal or vertical).
      (10)    "Marquee sign" means a sign attached to a marquee. A marquee is a permanent roof-like structure of rigid materials supported by and extending from the facade of a building. A marquee sign shall be affixed or attached to a vertical surface on the marquee structure, such as a soffit or sign fascia.
      (11)    "Monument sign" means a Freestanding Sign having fifty percent (50%) or more of the bottom of the sign in contact with the ground or supporting structure.
      (12)    "Pennant/streamers" means any lightweight plastic, fabric, or other material, whether or not containing a message of any kind, suspended from a rope, wire, or string, usually in a series, designed to move in the wind.
      (13)    "Pole sign" means a Freestanding Sign having more than fifty percent (50%) of the bottom of the sign separated from the ground by air.
      (14)    "Portable sign" means a sign not permanently attached to the ground or other permanent structure, or a sign designed to be transported, including, but not limited to, signs designed to be readily transportable on wheels; signs designed as "A"- or "T"- frames; menu and sandwich board signs; balloons used as advertising devices; products stacked in the manner of a sign; umbrellas used for advertising; and signs attached to or painted on vehicles or trailers parked and visible from the public right-of-way.
      (15)    "Product dispenser or kiosk sign" means a sign consisting of all or part of a product dispenser or kiosk designed to attract attention from off the zoning lot on which the dispenser is installed. (See Section 1223.08 (f)(2).)
      (16)    "Projecting sign" means a sign erected on the outside wall of a building and which extends more than twelve inches therefrom.
      (17)    "Roof sign" means a sign erected partly or completely on or over the roof of any building or above or over any portion of the building covered by roofing materials or above or over the top edge of a building wall or sign fascia.
      (18)    "Suspended sign" means a sign that is suspended from the underside of a horizontal plane surface and is supported by such surface. Examples include small under-canopy pedestrian oriented signs and temporary real estate signs for multi-family developments designed to attach to the approved monument sign to advertise the availability of units.
      (19)    "Wall sign" means a sign erected parallel to or affixed on the outside wall of any building, and not extending more than twelve inches therefrom, and which does not project above the roof line or beyond the corner of the building.
      (20)    "Window sign" means a sign on the inside of a building affixed to, or near, a window for the purposes of being visible to and read from the outside of the building.
      (21)    "Yard sign" means a freestanding temporary sign in a yard, including construction, political, and real estate signs and temporary promotional signs where permitted.
   (b)    Function.
      (1)    "Community identification signs" means a permanent or temporary identification or directional sign for the purpose of providing information and directions to public, quasi-public, religious, educational, and major recreational facilities in the City.
      (2)    "Community special event sign" means a temporary sign erected by a public or semi-public body which announces a public function. It may be located in the street right-of-way abutting any type of zoning district upon approval of the Mayor or his designee (see Section 503.02 of the General Offenses Code.).
      (3)    "Construction sign" means a temporary sign identifying the name of a subdivision, building or public works project or facility during the time of construction, erected on the property on which it is located once the development plan or subdivision plan has been approved by City Council. Such signs may include a description of the project, and may list the project's professional firms (such as architects, engineers, developers and contractors).
      (4)    "Directional sign" means a sign located on private or other non-right-of- way property, to direct traffic onto it, usually indicating the entrance and exit to a parking lot.
      (5)    "Identification sign" means a sign intended to identify the principal use of a lot, building or building unit according to the following:
         A.    "Business identification sign" means a sign indicating the business name or logo of a commercial or industrial enterprise and limited to identification purposes unless otherwise approved by Planning Commission.
         B.    "Institution identification sign" means a sign displaying the name and/or organization occupying the premises of a public or quasi- public use restricted to: church or other place of religious worship; hospital; nursing home; public or non-profit corporation owned and operated recreational facilities; governmentally owned and/or operated facilities; schools and cemeteries.
         C.    "Residential identification sign" means a sign identifying the name and address of a completed residential subdivision, a cluster development, or a multi-family development.
      (6)    "Instructional sign" means an exterior sign that has a purpose secondary to the use on the lot that is intended to instruct employees, customers, visitors or users as to: specific parking requirements; the location or regulations pertaining to specific activities on the site or in the building; security system advisories; specific services offered, or methods of payments accepted. Examples of instructional signs include "Honk Horn for Service", "Restrooms Inside", "Parking for Customers Only", "Parking for Residents Only", menu boards, drive-up tellers, "self-serve." No sign with a commercial message legible from a position off the zone lot on which the sign is located shall be considered an Instructional Sign.
      (7)    "Memorial sign" means a sign indicating the name of a building, the date of construction and/or incidental information about its construction or historical significance, which sign is cut into a masonry surface or made of bronze or other permanent material, and mounted at the time the building was constructed or affixed to the building or premises subsequent to a structure or site being designated as a historical landmark.
      (8)    "Nameplate" means a sign indicating only the name, address or occupation of the person or business occupying the lot or building.
      (9)    "Political sign" means a temporary sign advocating action on a public issue, indicating a candidate for public office, or expressing an opinion or belief.
       (10)    "Product and service sign" means a sign which advertises the services, products, merchandise or prices of commodities produced, stocked, or sold on the premises.
      (11)    "Real estate sign" means a temporary sign which directs attention to the rental, sale or lease of the property on which the sign is located.
      (12)    "Required public purpose/safety sign" means a sign erected by a public authority, utility, public service organization or private industry upon the public right-of-way or on private property which is required by law or otherwise intended to control traffic, direct, identify or inform the public, or provide needed public service as determined by the rules and regulations of governmental agencies or through public policy. Public purpose/safety signs include "No Parking Fire Lane."
      (13)    "Temporary promotional sign" means a temporary sign of any type (other than a construction, political, or real estate sign) intended to announce special events, promotions or sales, including garage sales in residential districts.
      (14)    "Temporary sign" means a sign which is intended to be displayed for a limited time only. Such signs include construction, political, real estate and temporary promotional signs.
      (15)    "Unified directory sign" means a wall sign erected to identify each business or tenant located within the building.
   (c)    Other Sign Related Definitions.
      (1)    "Director" means the Planning Director of the City of Westlake or his or her designee.
      (2)    "Director of Inspections" means the Director of the Building Department of the City of Westlake or his or her designee.
      (3)    "Commercial message" means any sign wording, logo, or other representation that, directly or indirectly, names, advertises, or calls attention to a business, product, service, or other commercial activity.
      (4)    "Footcandle" means a measure of light intensity, more specifically, illumination of a surface one foot distant from a source of one candela, equal to one lumen per square foot.
         (Ord. 2002-47. Passed 5-2-02.)
      (5)    "Master Signage Plan" means a plan submitted by the property owner of any zone lot on which the property owner proposes to erect one or more permanent signs requiring Planning Commission approval. The plan is to include the size and location of all present and future permanent signage on the lot, and other material as indicated in Section 1223.13(c) and (e).
         (Ord. 2019-127. Passed 5-21-20.)
      (6)    "Nonconforming sign" means any sign that does not conform to the requirements of this chapter.
      (7)    (EDITOR’S NOTE: Former subsection (c)(7) hereof was repealed by Ordinance 2006-166, passed February 15, 2007.)
      (8)    "Property Maintenance Officer" means the Director of Inspections of the City of Westlake and any other officer of the City who may be authorized to enforce the sign regulations contained in Chapter 1223.
         (Ord. 2002-47. Passed 5-2-02.)