The following principles shall control the computation of sign area and sign height:
   (a)    Determining Sign Area or Dimension.
      (1)    The area of a sign shall be computed as including the entire surface area within a regular, geometric form, or combination of regular, geometric forms, comprising all of the display area of the sign and including all of the elements of the matter displayed, together with any material or color used to differentiate the sign from the environment or surroundings in which it is placed.
      (2)    Only one side of double-faced freestanding or projecting signs shall be included in calculating area, provided that the two display surfaces are joined at an angle not greater than fifteen degrees. If greater than fifteen degrees both sides are counted as sign area.
      (3)    The sign area shall not include the frame, pole or other necessary structural support unless such frame, pole or structural support is illuminated or otherwise so designated to constitute a display surface or device.
      (4)    For a multifaceted sign of three or more faces then the sign area is calculated to include the surface areas of all those sides visible from a street.
      (5)    If the exterior surface of an awning is internally or externally illuminated and/or has lettering or numbering on it (other than up to a two square foot address), then the exterior surface of the awning is considered a sign for the computation of sign area.
       (6)    Buildings or parts of buildings or structures that are covered or painted to act as a sign shall be calculated as part of the sign area.
      (7)    In the event there is a question in determining the sign area or any sign dimension, the Planning Commission shall make a ruling for that sign. Any disputes or appeal of the decision of the Planning Commission may be made to the Board of Building and Zoning Appeals for a final determination.
         (Ord. 2020-149. Passed 2-18-21.)
   (b)    Determining Sign Height.
      (1)    The height of a freestanding sign shall be measured from the base of the sign or supporting structure at normal grade to the top of the highest element. Normal grade shall be the established grade after construction of the sign, exclusive of any filling, berming, or mounding solely for the purpose of raising the base of the sign.
      (2)    The height of a wall sign shall be measured from the finished grade at the base of the wall below the sign to the top of the highest element of the sign.
   (c)    Determining the Frontage Width of a Building. The frontage width of a building shall be the width of the facade which faces the principal street or contains the main entrance.
      (1)    For multi-tenant buildings, the frontage width of a building shall be the width of the facades which contain the main entrances. The individual unit frontage width shall be the width of the side of the unit with the unit's main entrance, as measured from the party wall centerlines. The maximum permanent sign area allowed for an individual unit shall be a direct percentage of that building unit's frontage width to the total building frontage width. A corner unit's signage shall be located on the facade with the main entrance; additional signage may be permitted at the discretion of the Planning Commission as part of approval of a Master Signage Plan or sign criteria for a multi-tenant building.
      (2)    Buildings on lots abutting a freeway shall not be considered to have building frontage on the freeway for sign area calculations and signs shall not be located for visibility from the freeway except for buildings in Interchange Service Districts or as otherwise approved by the Planning Commission.
         (Ord. 2002-47. Passed 5-2-02.)
      (3)   The Planning Commission after consideration of building orientation, corner tenancy, corner locations, combination of uses and number of frontages, may allow multiple sides of a multi-tenant or single tenant building to be included in the calculation of total sign area for a building and placement of signs on the building. (Ord. 2007-83. Passed 6-21-07.)