(a)   No person shall stick, post or attach any advertisement, poster, sign, handbill or placard of any kind or description upon any telegraph or telephone pole within the City, or upon any public building, voting booth, flagging, curbstone, walk, step, stone or sidewalk, or write, print or impress or in any manner attach any notice or advertisement of any kind upon any public building, voting booth, flagging, curbstone, step, stone or sidewalk which is the property of the City or within the street lines of the City, or over which the City or Council has the care, custody or control, without first obtaining written permission thereof from the Mayor.
   (b)   The standards to be considered by the Mayor for granting permission for banner permits or ground signs shall be as follows:
      (1)   A governmental agency or unit;
      (2)   A City community service group or organization whose primary purpose is to promote volunteerism, goodwill and service to the residents of the City;
      (3)   An entity that sponsors a community event for the benefit of a charitable or noble cause;
      (4)   That the banners or advertising signs shall not be posted for a period in excess of seven days immediately preceding the affair advertised and shall be removed within twenty-four hours after the affair is concluded;
      (5)   There shall be no more than three banners for each event placed at predetermined locations throughout the City at any given time;
      (6)   All banners shall be provided by the applicant and shall be in an acceptable safe condition, free of any tears or ripped materials;
      (7)   Application for written permission to place an advertisement on public property shall be submitted in writing to the City at least two weeks prior to the requested posting date;
      (8)   The application shall contain the size, wording, dates, materials, location of placement and total number of the advertisement, poster, sign, handbill or placard;
      (9)   The applicant shall be responsible for the erecting and removal of all ground signs.
      (10)   The applicant shall supply to the Mayor on a form approved by the Director of Law a release saving and holding harmless the City from any and all liability that it may suffer caused by the installation, maintenance or the removal of any sign or banner.
   (c)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 1988-128. Passed 11-17-88.)