A preliminary development plan shall be required for all Planned Unit Development (PUD) Districts and shall be approved prior to the companion amendment to the Zoning Map. Once approved by Council, the preliminary development plan shall be binding on the owner, successor, heirs and assigns. The preliminary development plan may be revised and amended only if submitted to and recommended by the Planning Commission and approved by Council following the provisions of Section 1212.12. However, once a preliminary development plan is approved, Council is under no obligation to amend an approved preliminary development plan. The preliminary development plan required in this Chapter shall be defined as per this section and shall contain the following information: (Ord. 2018-122. Passed 2-7-19.)
   (a)   Survey or engineering drawing of the development area to be rezoned.
   (b)   Permanent parcels including parcel numbers and dimensions of all parcels or portions contained in the proposed District.
   (c)   Location and number of dwellings by dwelling type in each area, acreage of each area and densities in each area of the District.
   (d)   Location of existing and proposed public roads.
   (e)   Minimum peripheral setbacks around the perimeter of the District.
   (f)   Location of all existing structures in the District and any structures within twenty- five feet of the boundary of the proposed District.
   (g)   Schedule of construction or phases of the development.
   (h)   Location, type and size of any easements, covenants, deed restrictions or other restrictions proposed or recorded. (Ord. 1991-42. Passed 5-16-91.)