All applications for establishing a Planned Unit Development (PUD) District and amending the Zone Map shall follow the procedures outlined in this section and in accordance with Chapter 1235.
   (a)   A request for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) District rezoning may be initiated by the Planning Commission through its Council representative, a councilman, the Mayor or the owner of record or by a bonafide purchaser under contract, option or agreement.
   (b)   The request for rezoning shall be submitted to the Clerk of Council in accordance with Chapter 1235 except as otherwise provided herein. Such a request shall include the following:
      (1)   Written request describing the proposed rezoning and proposed uses of the property.
      (2)   In the case of an owner or agent request, a copy of proof of ownership or bonafide contract or agreement to purchase.
      (3)   A legal description of the parcel or parcels to be rezoned.
         (Ord. 1991-42. Passed 5-16-91.)
      (4)   Surveyor's or engineer's certification that the parcel(s) in the rezoning request consist of sufficient acreage amounts for the district in accordance with Section 1212.03.
(Ord. 2018-122. Passed 2-7-19.)
      (5)   Survey maps or tax maps of the parcel(s) to be rezoned including the permanent parcel numbers of all parcels or portions thereof to be rezoned.
      (6)   Twenty copies of a preliminary development plan indicating the location, boundary, number and type of dwellings and density of the proposed uses throughout the entire district in accordance with the requirements of Section 1212.13 .
   (c)   If Council authorizes the preparation of legislation to amend the Zone Map to rezone property to Planned Unit Development (PUD) District, the proposed ordinance and preliminary development plan shall be referred to the Planning Commission as per Section 1235.04.
   (d)   After receipt of the proposed rezoning ordinance and preliminary development plan, the Commission shall review and make recommendations to Council along with any conditions it deems necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the community. The Commission shall either amend, approve or disapprove the preliminary development plan for the proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) District.
   (e)   Prior to Council action on the rezoning of any land to Planned Unit Development (PUD) District, Council shall approve or approve with amendments, a preliminary development plan for the proposed District. No Planned Unit Development District shall be approved and/or created without a preliminary development plan established and approved locating the areas, types, number and density of dwellings in the District.
   (f)   After approval of the preliminary development plan and approval of the zoning amendment in accordance with procedures of Chapter 1235, the rezoning shall be placed on the ballot to be voted on by the electorate at the next general election if the rezoning increases the density or permits multifamily dwellings where such dwellings and/or density were not previously permitted in the area to be rezoned.
   (g)   After final approval of the rezoning to Planned Unit Development (PUD) District, a final development plan shall be submitted to the Commission in accordance with the procedures and requirements of Chapter 1220 and as further required herein. The final development plan shall be in substantial accordance with the preliminary development plan and shall comply with the following:
      (1)   All the conditions imposed by Council in the approval of such preliminary development plan.
      (2)   Be in conformance with all of the design standards and criteria of this Zoning Code.
      (3)   All deed restrictions, dedications, covenants, agreements and other documents are in acceptable form and have been executed and all fees paid.
   (h)   The Commission shall review the final development plan in accordance to the standards, criteria and guidelines of this chapter and the provisions of Chapter 1220. The Commission may make recommendations, amendments and specify conditions as to the placement and design of buildings, location of streets and driveways, amount and type of buffering, landscaping, lighting, and signs as may be determined by the Commission to improve the development and protect the existing and future residents. (Ord. 1991-42. Passed 5-16-91.)