(a)   Development plans shall be submitted to the Director of Planning for referral to the Planning Commission for its review and approval by any person, firm or corporation seeking to develop any land as required under Chapter 1220.
   The Planning Commission shall review and act on the development plans in the manner as specified under Chapter 1220 of these Codified Ordinances upon submittal of a complete application and fees as required herein.
   Any person, firm or corporation who or which submits development plans for approval under Chapter 1220 shall pay to the Clerk of Commissions, at the time development plans are submitted, the following fees for review of the development plans by the City departments and Planning Commission:
      (1)   Residential developments.  The fee for all multifamily and cluster developments (but excluding one and two-family homes on individual sublots) shall be $500.00 plus $10.00 per dwelling unit for each dwelling unit in excess of 50 dwelling units.
      (2)   Business, offices, shopping centers and health campus.  The development plan fee for business, offices, shopping centers or health campus developments shall be $500.00 plus $100.00 per each additional 10,000 square feet of building gross floor area or part thereof in excess of 20,000 square feet.
      (3)   Industrial developments.  The fee for industrial developments shall be $500.00 plus $100.00 per each additional 20,000 square feet of building gross floor area or part thereof in excess of 40,000 square feet.
      (4)   Government and tax exempt developments including churches, public schools and public building development plans shall be limited to the application fee of $50.00
      (5)   Other buildings or developments not listed shall pay a development plan review fee as similar uses located within the same zoning district listed above.
      (6)   Parking lots and other site improvements.  The development plan fee shall be $150.00 for parking lots and other site improvements.
      (7)   Building additions.  The development plan fee for any individual building addition not in excess of 2,000 square feet shall be $250.00.
      (8)   Revised plan.  In the event the developer desires to revise the development plan and seek approval of the plan as revised after Council approval and within one year after issuance of a permit wherein the such revision contains changes in the size, location or height of the building or buildings, or changes in the size or location of the parking areas, or changes the conditions of Council approval and such revision requires Planning Commission and Council approval, the developer shall be required to pay a fee equal to one-half of the original fee which was paid seeking the approval of the original plan.
      (9)   Lapse of approval.  Failure to obtain a permit and begin construction of the improvements approved in the development plan within one year after the approval of Council shall make null and void the plan as approved unless an extension of time is granted by the Planning Commission and approved by Council.  In the event that the development plan approval has lapsed, a developer shall submit a new plan and pay the fees set forth herein as though the development plan had never been submitted and approved.
   (b)   Payment.  The fees set forth herein shall be paid to the Clerk of Commissions and shall be deposited with the Director of Finance before the review of the Planning Commission.
   (c)   Issue of Permit.  After payment of all required fees and approval by the Planning Commission and Council, the Director of Inspections may issue a building permit provided that the applicant complies with all provisions of the Building, Planning and Platting and Zoning Codes of the City and that the building plans and all construction plans comply with the approved development plans.
(Ord. 1993-24.  Passed 2-18-93.)