TITLE THREE - Land Planning and Subdivision Regulations
Chap. 1121. Title and Purpose.
Chap. 1123.  Definitions.
Chap. 1125.  Procedures.
Chap. 1127.  Planning Principles and Design Standards.
Chap. 1129.  Land Improvements.
Chap. 1130.  Buffering.
Chap. 1131.  Plans and Plats.
Chap. 1133.  Modifications; Appeals; Fees and Penalty.
Chap. 1135.  Erosion and Sedimentation in Land Development.
Chap. 1137.  Tree Regulations.
Appendix I.  Outline of Procedures.
Appendix II.  Forms for Final Plat Certifications.
Appendix III. Performance Bond.