Service Charge in Lieu of Taxes
Article I
Attwood Gardens
894.01   Intent and definitions.
894.02   Class of housing project.
894.03   Establishment of annual service charge.
894.04   Contractual effect of ordinance.
894.05   Limitation on the payment of annual service charge.
894.06   Payment of service charge.
894.07   Duration.
Article II
Wayne Towers Senior Citizen High-Rise
894.20   Title.
894.21   Preamble.
894.22   Definitions.
894.23   Class of housing projects.
894.24   Establishment of annual charge.
894.25   Contractual effect of ordinance.
894.26   Limitation on the payment of annual service charge.
894.27   Payment of service charge.
894.28   Duration.
Authority - see State Housing Development Authority Act of 1966 (1966 PA 346, as amended; M.C.L. 125.1401 et seq.