(a)   Prior to the removal of debris and other material from the demolition site, the site shall be inspected by the City Fire Chief, or his designee, to determine if any hazardous materials are present.  In the event hazardous materials are present, the applicant shall dispose of such materials in accordance with appropriate Federal, State or local rule, regulation, law or ordinance.
   (b)   All debris, including, but not limited to, wood, masonry, concrete, shingles, brick, mortar and metal shall be removed from the site, except as set forth in Section 1306.06 hereinafter.
   (c)   All footings and subgrade foundation shall be removed, except as set forth in Section 1306.06 hereinafter.
   (d)   The site shall be barricaded and warning signs erected.
   (e)   After all material has been removed from the premises and prior to any attempt to grade, level or seed the premises, as required hereinafter, the Administrator shall inspect the premises to insure that removal of all materials as required in this chapter has taken place.
   (f)   After inspection by the Administrator as set forth hereinabove, the area shall be graded level and seeded or stoned.
(Ord. 1992-16.  Passed 11-2-92.)