TITLE THREE - Residential and Nonresidential Maintenance Code
Chap. 1307.     Title, Purpose and Scope.
Chap. 1308.     Definitions.
Chap. 1309.     Administration.
Chap. 1310.     Enforcement and Penalty.
Chap. 1311.   Certificate of Occupancy for Rental Units.
Chap. 1312.     Basic Standards.
Chap. 1313.     Structural Requirements and Conditions.
Chap. 1314.     Exterior Premises.
Chap. 1315.     Basic Facilities Required-Residential.
Chap. 1316.     Environmental Requirements.
Chap. 1317.     Minimum Requirements for Safety From Fire.
Chap. 1318.     Space and Occupancy Requirements.