(a)    A Traffic Impact Study in accordance with Section 1146A.03 shall be required and shall be submitted by an applicant as part of the proposed site plan when so required by the Ohio Department of Transportation according to a State Highway Access Control Manual or when the proposed development will generate or has the potential to generate more than one hundred (100) vehicle trip ends during the peak hour of generation according to the most recent version of the ITE trip generation manual.  A vehicle trip end is the total of entering and exiting vehicles for the proposed development at full build out and occupancy. Estimates of traffic volumes shall be based on weekday traffic for locations at which weekday employment predominates. Retail development shall include weekend traffic volumes in the estimates. Traffic impact studies may be waived for residential subdivisions.
   (b)    A Traffic Impact Study shall also be required for new phases or changes to an existing development where a traffic study is more than two (2) years old and roadway conditions have changed significantly (volumes increasing more than two percent (2%) annually).
(Ord. 25-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)