(a)   A Traffic Impact Study shall meet all of the requirements established by the Ohio  Department of Transportation according to the Access Control Manual, including:
      (1)    Description of the site, surroundings, and study area;
      (2)    Description of the proposed development site circulation and available sight distances at site driveways;
      (3)    Description of existing traffic conditions;
      (4)    Background Traffic Growth;
      (5)    Trip Generation;
      (6)    Trip Distribution;
      (7)    Impact Analysis;
      (8)    Access Design/Access Management Standards;
      (9)    Need for, or provision of, any additional right-of-way where planned or desired by the applicable transportation agency;
      (10)   Adequacy of the queuing area if the use involves a drive-through facility;
      (11)   If a median crossover is desired, separate analysis should be provided;
      (12)   If a traffic signal is being requested, the applicable traffic signal warrants shall be provided along with an analysis of traffic progression along the roadway through coordination with other signals;
      (13)    Mitigation/Alternatives;
      (14)   Traffic Calming Strategies
   (b)    Qualifications of Traffic Impact Study Preparer:
      (1)    Any Traffic Impact Study involving roadway or traffic signal design work shall be prepared by, or under the supervision of, a professional engineer registered in the State of Ohio with specific training in traffic engineering.
      (2)    The Traffic Impact Study should include a resume of the preparer responsible for the report. The Traffic Impact Study may also include relevant experience of the preparer's firm. The study should also be signed by the preparer with full recognition of potential liability for the results and recommendations outlined in the report.
         (Ord. 25-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)