(a)    Approval Process. All applications for site plan approval shall be submitted to the Zoning Enforcement Officer. Once deemed to be complete, the Planning Commission shall review all submitted materials and may approve (or approve with modifications) a site plan and authorize the issuance of a zoning certificate upon finding said plans are consistent with the purposes, objectives, and requirements of this Zoning Code.
      (1)    The Planning Commission shall take action on any site plan submitted under this section within sixty (60) days from the time the Zoning Enforcement Officer receives a complete submission of required materials. Any person submitting a site plan may agree to a longer review period by the Planning Commission.
      (2)    Prior to authorizing the issuance of zoning certificates, the Municipality may seek expert advice or cause special studies to be made for input to its review of any plans or proposals submitted. Proposed building plans shall be reviewed by building officials and authorized representatives of the Fire Department to assure conformance with appropriate fire, safety, building and sanitary conditions.
      (3)    The applicant may be requested or may volunteer to provide additional information or restudy all or part of the proposal, or to have additional studies done. The costs of securing expert advice or studies shall be borne by the applicant, but in no event shall such cost exceed the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000) unless agreed to by the applicant. The Planning Commission may submit any or all site plans and proposals to any other similar organization for review and recommendations prior to acting on any such plan.
      (4)    When a particular site plan involves a variance request and/or conditional use approval, the Planning Commission may consider such matters concurrently with site plan approval provided all other applicable hearing and notification requirements are met.
   (b)    Review Criteria.  All site plans shall be reviewed on the basis of uniform criteria that advance the principals of good site design to provide safe vehicular access and pedestrian movement. Site plans shall also be reviewed on the basis of achieving site designs that will promote a healthy natural and built environment for residents and will advance principles defined in applicable community planning documents and this Zoning Code. Specific approval criteria include the following:
      (1)    The site plan shall show (consistent with the findings of a Traffic Impact Study if included) that a proper relationship will exist between thoroughfares, service roads, driveways, and parking areas to encourage pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety on  both public and private lands.
      (2)    All development features, including the principal buildings, open spaces, service roads, driveways and parking areas, shall be so located and related as to minimize the possibility of adverse effects upon adjacent development.
      (3)    Building location and placement shall be developed with consideration given to minimize the removal of trees (in accordance with change of topography).
      (4)    Maximum visual and auditory privacy for surrounding properties and occupants shall be provided through the design of the relationship among buildings, fences and walls, landscaping, topography, and open space.
      (5)   Parking area landscaping and screening shall channel traffic flow in a safe manner, and on-site traffic circulation shall be designed to provide adequate access for fire and police protection, and minimize interference with the traffic carrying capacity of adjacent streets.
      (6)    Refuse storage and pick-up facilities shall be indicated on the site plan and shall be fenced, screened, or landscaped to prevent blowing or scattering of refuse, and to provide an adequate visual barrier from locations both on- and off-site.
      (7)    All utilities on-site shall be located underground.
      (8)    Grading and surface drainage provisions shall be designed to minimize adverse effects on abutting properties, streams, and public streets, and to minimize the possibility of erosion in a manner consistent with the requirements of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3).
      (9)    The design and construction standards of all private roads, driveways, and parking areas, shall conform to the provisions of this Zoning Code and/or as may be recommended through engineering review. All private streets, driveways, and parking areas are to be of a useable shape and improved with asphalt, concrete, or other durable and dustless pavement or surface.
      (10)   When a proposed site plan includes a special use and/or variance, respective standards and conditions contained in this Zoning Code shall be met.
   (c)    Action on Site Plans.
      (1)    The Planning Commission shall take one of four actions on a site plan as described below:
         A.    A site plan may be approved as submitted.
         B.    A site plan may be approved with modifications expressly stated in a motion passed by the Planning Commission.
         C.    A site plan may be approved as submitted (or with modifications) in phases as described in Section 1146.06.
         D.    A site plan may be disapproved with reasons why the plan does not conform to the Zoning Code expressly stated in a motion passed by the Planning Commission.
      (2)    Within 180 days following approval by the Planning Commission, the applicant shall obtain a Zoning Permit in accordance with the requirements in this Zoning Code. Failure to secure a Zoning Permit within the allotted time will require a new site plan review. The Planning Commission may grant one extension not to exceed 180 days.
         (Ord. 24-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)