In order to assure that a project will be developed in a manner consistent with the purposes of this Zoning Code, the Planning Commission may require or agree that the site plan(s) for a project be submitted indicating development in phases, if such project can logically be divided into phases. The Planning Commission shall review the entire project for conformance with all applicable regulations in this Code and shall give preliminary approval to the entire project if it so conforms. However, the Planning Commission shall also have the power to limit final approval and authorization for the Zoning Enforcement Officer to issue zoning or conditional zoning certificates to one section or phase of the total development at a time. Approval of subsequent phases shall be given subject to the following:
   (a)    Upon substantial compliance with the site plan(s) given preliminary approval; and
   (b)    Upon conformance with all applicable regulations of this Zoning Code; and
   (c)    Upon a finding by the Planning Commission that all preceding phases conform to all requirements of this Zoning Code and conform to approved site plans.
      (Ord. 24-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)