(a)    A site plan is required when the proposed development incorporates any of the following elements:
      (1)    The land use is a conditional or special use in the zoning district;
      (2)    (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Former subsection (a)(2) hereof was repealed by Ordinance 12-13.)
      (3)    The land use is a permitted use in the zoning district that involves the construction of a structure more than 20,000 square feet in size and/or the required provision of 20 new or additional off-street parking spaces according to Section 1145.05 of this Zoning Code;
      (4)    The proposed development will generate or has the potential to generate more than one hundred (100) vehicle trip ends during the peak hour of generation according to the most recent version of the ITE trip generation manual.
   (b)    In order to promote the appropriate preparation of a site plan consistent with the goals and objectives of this Zoning Code, the Planning Commission may encourage and engage in informal discussions with the applicant prior to formal submission of the site plan. Such review of preliminary plans and issues will provide greater assurance that the project complies with the objectives, standards, and criteria of this Zoning Code before major design and engineering expenditures have been committed to the project. This review is intended to reduce the likelihood that major adjustments and revisions would be required as a result of deficiencies found during the formal review of the plans.
   (c)    A presumption is established by this section that all of the requirements set forth in Section 1146.02 below are necessary to satisfy the requirements for Site Plan approval. However, it is recognized that each development is unique and some information listed may be unnecessary or costly to obtain. Therefore, the Zoning Inspector may allow less information to be submitted in an application than that set forth in the requirements of this Section according to the needs of the particular case. However, in the case of permit applications involving a conditional or special land use, the applicant shall rely in the first instance upon the recommendations of the Municipal Administrator whether less information than that set forth in the requirements of this Section may be submitted.
(Ord. 24-05.  Passed 1-23-06.)