(a)   Owners and developers of property within a Planned Business Park site shall establish an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and by-laws under which the ARC shall perform its duties and responsibilities.  Such by-laws shall establish requirements for membership, duties and powers, meetings and voting procedures.  The ARC shall be composed of two representatives appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council and two representatives of the owners and developer.
   (b)   At the time a request is made to zone a parcel PBP, the owners and developers shall develop and submit deed restrictions, which shall include the Development Standards, protective covenants, and other legal statements or devices to be used to control the use, development and maintenance of the land and the improvements thereon, including those areas which are commonly owned and maintained.  These restrictions shall be a part of the zoning application and shall be considered in the zoning approval process and shall be enforced by the ARC.  Any subsequent changes to the deed restrictions must be approved by the Municipality in the same manner as a change in zoning.
   (c)   The ARC shall create a set of Development Standards for development of the Planned Business Park.  These Development Standards shall establish specific requirements for the Park such as landscaping, mounding and screening, yard and building placement, exterior illumination, signage, architectural design, color schemes, and building materials approved for use within the Park.  These Development Standards shall remain in effect as long as the tract in question is zoned PBP.  In no case shall Development Standards, amendments thereto, or any development plans result in standards or requirements which are less restrictive than those established in the Zoning Code unless specifically stated otherwise in this chapter.  These Development Standards shall be made a part of the deed restrictions, protective covenants and other legal statements or devices of the park.
   (d)   When a particular site is proposed to be developed as a Planned Business Park, the following shall be submitted for the entire area of the park for review and approval:
      (1)   Request to zone property PBP including a legal description and plot plan.
      (2)   Development standards.
      (3)   Deed restrictions.
         (Ord. 02-06.  Passed 3-13-06.)