(a)   In the R-1 Residence District, no premises shall be used and no building shall be erected or used except for one of the following purposes:
      (1)   Single family dwelling,
      (2)   Home occupations,
      (3)   A private garage or other accessory buildings such as are ordinarily appurtenant to uses permitted in this district.  A private swimming pool will be permitted, provided that it shall meet the setback requirements of this Zoning Code and shall be constructed in compliance with Sections 150.100 through 150.107 of the Building Code.
   (b)   In addition to the above permitted uses, the following uses shall be permitted by special permit issued pursuant to Chapter 1148 of this Zoning Code:
      (1)   Public library or art gallery,
      (2)   Churches or other places of public worship,
      (3)   Public or private schools, provided that the curriculums of the latter are similar to those of public schools of like grade,
      (4)    Parks, playgrounds and community buildings owned or operated by public agencies, provided that commercial enterprises and public or private amusement facilities are excluded,
      (5)   The office of a physician, dentist, attorney, engineer or other professional person when maintained either in his or her dwelling or dwelling-type building, the architecture of which harmonizes with that of neighboring buildings, subject to the following conditions:
         A.   No sign with an area greater than one and one-half square feet shall be displayed,
         B.   No wares or merchandise of any kind shall be sold or serviced,
         C.   Only office or professional equipment such as is ordinarily required in the profession followed by the occupant shall be used,
         D.   Off-street parking facilities, in accordance with Section 1145.05 shall be provided. 
(Ord. 35-85.  Passed 1-27-86.)