Any person who places any obstruction in any public street, alley or avenue in the city, whether by placing building material, leaving vehicles loaded or unloaded, or any thing which amounts to an obstruction, or any object dangerous to public travel, or takes up any sidewalk, or makes any excavation in any public street, alley or avenue, whether with or without a permit from the proper authorities, shall properly guard the obstruction or excavation, by placing a suitable barrier around it, and, in every case, at night or between sunset and sunrise, shall place at each end and at the outer limits of the obstruction or excavation, suitable warning lights which shall be kept burning between the hours of sunset and sunrise, on each day in which the obstruction or excavation remains in any street, alley or avenue, and all building permits shall require such lighting. Any person violating any provision hereof shall be deemed guilty of an offense, and shall be liable to any person injured by reason of the improperly guarded obstruction, and shall be liable to the city for any damages sustained by it or any judgment rendered against it by reason of the same. (Rev. Ord. 1190, Comp. 1941, p. S-11)



1. See also sections 7-2A-6 and 7-3-10 of this title.