§ 31.281  APPOINTMENT.
   (A)   NVRDC is hereby designated as the city's:
      (1)   Development Agency, pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 8-188, in addition to WDC; and
      (2)   Implementing Agency, pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 32-224, in addition to WDC.
   (B)   Other NVRDC projects.
      (1)   Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 38 of the code of ordinances of the city, whenever requested by the Mayor and approved by resolution of the Board of Aldermen, on a project-by-project basis, the NVRDC is hereby designated, appointed and authorized to act on behalf of the city in the capacity of general contractor, project manager, construction manager, design builder, owner's representative and/or in such other similar development or construction capacity or capacities as may be designated by the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen, for purposes of city-funded construction and/or rehabilitation projects, thereby enabling the city to utilize the NVRDC's expertise in project design, development and/or management, without the requirement or necessity of a bid. In furtherance of the foregoing, and prior to any particular action being taken by the Mayor or the Board of Aldermen pursuant to this division (B), the Mayor shall have the authority to designate NVRDC as the city's agent to review, plan and conduct a feasibility analysis of potential projects on an ongoing basis.
      (2)   In any such project as set forth herein, the NVRDC shall only be allowed to collect and the city shall only be required to pay for the reasonable administrative and out-of-pocket costs and expenses of the NVRDC's services, without the addition or inclusion of any profit. The NVRDC shall divulge the total estimated amount of such administrative costs and expenses for each such project to the Mayor, and the Board of Aldermen before such designation, appointment and/or approval is made. In furtherance of the disclosure, the NVRDC shall retain and make all of its books and records available for inspection by the city or its designee, before and throughout the project and for such period of time after its completion as shall be reasonably required to enable the city to comply with any federal, state and/or local law, ordinance or regulation regarding the auditing of the project.
      (3)   Any procurement, (as such term is defined in § 38.002 of the code of ordinances of the city) by the NVRDC in connection with work authorized by this section shall be conducted in accordance with the Centralized Procurement System Ordinance of the city (Chapter 38 of the code of ordinances of the city) and be performed by or under the direction and supervision of the city's Director of Purchasing, in his sole discretion.
   (C)   In accordance with such designations, appointments and authorizations, the NVRDC shall possess, utilize, exercise and discharge all powers and duties granted to it pursuant to the delineated and associated provisions of the state general statutes and/or the Charter and ordinances of the city, as such may be amended, supplemented or replaced, from time to time, in the best interests of the city.
(Ord. passed 5-20-2019)