(A)   When any excavation is made in any street, the person by or for whom the excavation is made, shall cause a rail or other sufficient fence to be placed and fixed so as to enclose the excavation, and the earth, gravel or other material thrown into the street therefrom; and the fence shall be continued during the whole time the excavations shall be open.
   (B)   A sufficient number of lights to provide for public safety shall be fixed to some part of the fence, or in some other proper manner over or near such excavation, and the earth, gravel or other material taken from the same, and so kept from the beginning of the twilight of the evening through the whole of the night, and shall be continued every evening and night during all the time the excavation shall be open or in state of repair, and such person or persons shall obey any order of the Superintendent of Streets with regard to the number or positions of the lanterns.
(1967 Code, § 19-51)  Penalty, see § 99.99