No person, with the exception of firms or corporations subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission of the state shall be granted a permit to make and shall not make any excavation or opening in any street or highway in the city to install a sewer, water main, steam supply pipes, gas mains or for any other lawful purpose unless the person shall, at his expense, provide and furnish to the city a certificate of public liability insurance including blasting operations issued to them by an insurance company approved by the Insurance Commissioner of the state and registered and authorized to do business in the state. The insurance policy shall be for a period of one year and shall contain a five-day written notice requirement to the city before it can be cancelled, and it shall be stipulated therein that at all times during the year there shall be a coverage for personal injuries of not less than $100,000 for one person, and $300,000 for each accident, and for property damage of not less than $50,000 for each accident and $100,000 aggregate. The policy shall be so written that the coverage afforded thereby shall extend to cover the liability of the named insured for bodily injuries and damage to properties caused by the negligence of the insured in making excavations, openings, connections or refillings in any street or highway in the city, in addition, the insurance policy shall state that the person shall protect, in all legal actions, indemnify and hold harmless the city from and against any and all claims and losses to persons and property to which the city may be put, or subjected to, by reason of any act, action, neglect or omission or default on the part of the person or any of his subcontractors, officers, agents, servants or employees in connection with the making of connections, openings or refillings in streets or highways in the city, and for a period of one year after the connection, opening or refilling is completed. The insurance policy shall be approved as to form by the corporation counsel. All of such work shall be done in accordance with the Charter, this code and the ordinances of the city.
(1967 Code, § 19-49)  (Ord. passed 6-22-1966)  Penalty, see § 99.99