(A)   Railings. Every entrance or flight of steps descending immediately from or near the line of any street into any cellar or basement story of any building, where the entrance or flight of steps shall not be safely and securely covered, shall be enclosed with a permanent railing on each side, at least three feet high from the top of the sidewalk or pavement, together with a gate to open inwardly, or two iron chains across the front of the entrance way, one near the top and the other half way from sidewalk or pavement to the top of the railing, to the acceptance of the Superintendent of Streets, and such gate or chains shall, unless there be a burning light over the steps to prevent accidents, be closed during the night.
(1967 Code, § 19-24)
   (B)   Guard rails at excavations. Any person who shall make or keep open any excavation for a cellar or other purposes, within five feet of the line of any street, so as to endanger the safety of pedestrians shall cause such excavation to be properly guarded by a substantial railing or covering, to the satisfaction of the Superintendent of Streets.
(1967 Code, § 19-25)
   (C)   Fences. Every owner of any lot of land which abuts upon any street shall, when ordered so to do by the Board of Aldermen, and when public safety so requires, cause to be erected and maintained on the line of the lots adjoining the street, a suitable fence of rails, boards or other materials; and the Superintendent of Streets is hereby authorized to erect the fence where, after the passage of the order, the owner neglects to provide the same, and the expense of erecting the fence shall be paid by the owner of the land, and shall be a lien upon the lands in favor of the city, to be secured and enforced in the manner provided by law.
(1967 Code, § 19-26)
Penalty, see § 99.99