For the purpose of determining noise levels as set forth in this chapter, the following guidelines shall be applicable.
   (A)   All personnel conducting sound measurements shall be trained in the current techniques and principles of sound measuring equipment and instrumentation.
   (B)   Instruments used to determine sound level measurements shall conform to the sound level meters as defined by this chapter.
   (C)   The general steps listed below shall be followed when preparing to take sound level measurements.
      (1)   The instrument manufacturer's specific instructions for the preparation and use of the instrument shall be followed.
      (2)   The sound level meter shall be field calibrated before and after each measurement of the noise level.
      (3)   The sound level meter shall be placed at an angle to the sound source as specified by the manufacturer's instructions and at least four feet above the ground. It shall be so placed as not to be interfered with by individuals conducting the measurements.
      (4)   Measurements shall be taken at a point that is at least one foot beyond the boundary of the emitter's premises within the noise receptor's premises. The emitter's premises includes his individual unit of land or group of contiguous parcels under the same ownership as indicated by public land records.
(1967 Code, § 12-3)  (Ord. passed 7-7-1986; Ord. passed 4-20-1987)