(A)   Separation.
      (1)   Each person who generates solid waste from residential property within the municipality shall separate from other solid waste those items designated as mandatory recyclables; and
      (2)   Every other person who generates solid waste shall make provision for the separation from other solid waste of those items designated as mandatory recyclables.
   (B)   Residential container. The municipality shall provide one recycling container to each residential property unit, in accordance with the Board's regulations. The container shall remain the property of the municipality and remain with the unit through changes in occupancy due to transfer from sale or rental.
      (1)   Regulations for replacement of recycling containers shall be established by resolution of the Board.
      (2)   Residents shall use the recycling containers solely for the purpose of placing the recyclables for collection, and they shall not be used for any other purpose.
   (C)   Materials. Recyclables should be prepared for collection as follows.
      (1)   Glass food containers, metal food containers, aluminum foil, PET and HDPE plastic bottles should be washed clean of their contents and placed inside the collection container.
      (2)   Newspapers, including advertising sections can be either bundled with string or placed in brown Kraft paper grocery bags and placed on top or next to the recycling container for collection.
      (3)   Recycling containers shall not be used for other waste. Recyclables shall not be mixed with other waste.
   (D)   Residential curbside collection. The recycling container shall be placed for collection purposes within ten feet of the street or curbline or in such other location as shall be agreed upon by the owner or tenant and the collector. For curbside collection the container shall be placed at curbside not earlier than 24 hours before the scheduled time of collection nor later than 4:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection days and shall be removed from the street or curbline within 12 hours after the materials therein have been collected. The containers and any bundles shall be so placed in such a manner that they do not constitute a travel or health hazard or nuisance of any sort. Only recyclables generated from residential sources should be placed for residential curbside collection.
   (E)   Other residential collection. All residents who are not served by a collector shall arrange to dispose of their recyclables at such drop-off locations as the Board shall prescribe.
   (F)   Other residential recyclables. All other mandatory recyclables generated from residential properties and not collected by residential curbside collection shall be delivered to the drop-off locations as the Board shall prescribe.
   (G)   Collection, handling and disposal. Collection, handling and disposal of recyclables within or on behalf of the municipality shall only be carried out by persons licensed by the municipality and in accordance with all state and federal laws including, but not limited to, the Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut as it shall be amended from time to time, and in a manner as not to pose a hazard or potential hazard to public travel, health or safety or to become a nuisance of any sort. Any recyclables collected or transported within the municipality shall be carried in tightly covered containers in or on such vehicles. Any recyclables which are collected or transported in open top vehicles shall be suitably covered so as to prevent scattering litter upon the streets. All vehicles used for collection or transportation of recyclables within the municipality shall be subject to approval of the Director or the Board.
   (H)   Reporting by collectors. Any collector who collects recyclables within the city shall submit annually to the Waste Reduction Coordinator, or other designated municipal officer, a report of their activities regarding recyclables collected within the city, in accordance with the rules and regulations as adopted by the Board from time to time. Forms used for the report shall be furnished by the city and, upon completion, shall be submitted to the city.
(1967 Code, § 8-58)  (Ord. passed 5-11-1992)  Penalty, see § 50.99