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   No junk shall be stored outside on public or private property. No junk vehicles shall be parked or stored outside in a residential area for a period of more than seven calendar days. In addition, no junk vehicles shall be parked outside on display for sale, lease, or other commercial purpose, by itself or with other motor vehicles for sale, lease or other commercial purpose in any area or district of the City. The provisions of this section do not apply to:
   1.   Structure. Any junk or junk vehicle stored within a garage or other enclosed structure.
   2.   Salvage Yard. Any junk or junk vehicle stored in an auto salvage yard or junkyard lawfully operated within the City.
   3.   Automotive Towing/Repair Business. Persons engaged in the business of towing motor vehicles, temporary storage of motor vehicles, general motor vehicle repair, and motor vehicle body repair that are lawfully operated within the City. However, any inoperable vehicles stored temporarily as part of a legal business operation as described above shall be screened from the public view via fencing. Unless the motor vehicle is actively being repaired or being readied for auction as in the case of a vehicle storage business, the vehicle shall not be stored outside for a period exceeding 20 days. These businesses must be located within a commercial, or industrial zoned area within the City. Furthermore, these businesses must be in full compliance with all other ordinances of the City and the laws of the State of Iowa.
   4.   Permit for Restoration. A permit may be obtained from the City for the purpose of restoring an automobile and light truck only. This permit will be valid for one year from date of issue. Permits may be obtained from City Hall at a cost of $25.00. Permit holders must store the vehicle on an all-weather surface. If the vehicle is stored outside, it must be covered with a secured non-transparent covering that covers the entire vehicle.