113.01   Adoption of state law by reference
   113.02   City law may be more restrictive than state law
   113.03   Definitions
   113.04   Consumption in public places
   113.05   Raffles, silent auctions and other fund-raising events for charitable purposes with wine, beer or intoxicating liquors awarded as prizes
   113.06   Number of licenses that may be issued
   113.07   Term and expiration of licenses
   113.08   Types of liquor licenses
   113.09   License fees; pro rata
   113.10   Council’s discretion to grant or deny a license
   113.11   Application for license
   113.12   Description of premises
   113.13   Application for renewal
   113.14   Transfer of license
   113.15   License posting
   113.16   Investigation
   113.17   Restrictions on issuance
   113.18   Conditions of license
   113.19   Hours and days of sale
   113.20   Hours of operation; restrictions
   113.21   Minors on premises
   113.22   Restrictions on purchase and consumption
   113.99   Penalty