(A)   All bonds shall name "The Board of Commissioners of the County of Warrick" as beneficiary of the bond and shall run for a minimum of one year. A certificate of insurance is not acceptable for bonding purposes. The bond must name the Board of Commissioners exclusively and not be subordinate to any other claims against the bond. The bond amount will be set by the Board of Commissioners. In general, the following are minimum bond amounts that will be required by the Board of Commissioners. Where there is a higher risk to county infrastructure, or the permitted work is much larger or more complex than normal permitted work, the Board of Commissioners reserve the right to increase the bond requirement after reviewing the application for permit and before approving the permit. The minimum bonding amounts are as follows:
      (1)   Open road cut: $25,000
      (2)   Underground construction, grading, trenching or excavation parallel to the road: $25,000
      (3)   Push or bore: $25,000
      (4)   Placement/removal of poles/overhead lines: $25,000
      (5)   Tap pit (including a directly associated push or bore): $5,000 per tap pit
      (6)   House moving: $30,000 per move
      (7)   Vehicle weight restriction exemption: $40,000 per mile
      (8)   Maintenance bonds: equal to the initial permit bond amount
   (B)   The Board of Commissioners will allow applicants who intend to file for multiple permits to have an annual permit bond for utility work in county right-of-way. The minimum annual permit bond amount requirement is currently $25,000. The annual permit bond shall be written so that it automatically renews, unless the surety gives a written notice 60 days prior to the annual expiration date. The written notice must be by certified mail to the Warrick County Board of Commissioners, ATTN: County Administrator. At the discretion of the County Commissioners, an annual permit bond may be allowed for house moving and vehicle weight restrictions in a minimum amount of $100,000.
(BC Ord. 1998-4, passed 5-11-98; 1999-37, passed 10-25-99) Penalty, see § 92.99