The designated Building Official of the Town and such deputies or assistants that have been, or shall be duly appointed by the Town shall enforce this chapter and, in addition thereto, shall:
   (A)   Issue all building permits, certificates of occupancy and certificates of zoning clearance and maintain records thereof;
   (B)   Conduct inspections of buildings, structures and uses of land to determine compliance with the terms of this chapter;
   (C)   Review all applications for building permits and approve or disapprove such applications based on compliance with the provisions of this chapter and other applicable, codes of the Town;
   (D)   Building permits:
      (1)   No building shall be hereafter erected, reconstructed altered or razed, nor shall any work be started until a building permit shall have been applied for in writing and issued by the Building Official. No building permit shall be issued unless the application and attached plot or site plan is in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and all amendments hereto. If the permit is denied, reasons for the denial shall be provided the applicant.
      (2)   Unless construction is started within six months after the date of issuance of a building permit, the permit shall automatically become void and fees forfeited. Fees for inspection and issuance of permits and certificates shall be collected in advance of issuance.
      (3)   The Building Official shall require that all applications for building permits be accompanied by plans and specifications including a plot plan, drawn to scale.
         (a)   Applications for single-family and two-family dwellings and their accessory buildings shall be accompanied by a plot plan showing the following:
            1.   Dimensions of all property lines; legal description;
            2.   Size and location of the structure(s) for which a permit is being requested and in addition the location of any existing structure(s) on the property;
            3.   Dimensions from all property lines to the furthermost projection of the structure and if applicable the distance between structures;
            4.   Location of required off-street parking spaces;
            5.   Provisions for water supply and sanitary sewerage, either public or private; and
            6.   A building permit shall be issued by the Building Official if all provisions of this chapter and all other regulations and codes of the Town have been satisfied.
         (b)   Applications for a building permit for all other new structures, multi-family residential, commercial or industrial and applications for addition permits which in the determination of the Building Official are considered to be of a substantial or significant nature, shall not be issued until final site approval has been given by the Plan Commission. The scaled site plan shall include the following information:
            1.   Graphic indication of all property lines; scale of the plan; location of proposed and existing buildings; dimensions from the property lines and dimensions between buildings;
            2.   Location of required parking and number of spaces being provided; type of surface of parking area; method of handling surface water and calculations for surface water retention:
               a.   Drywells (30 gallons per 100 square feet of paved and/or roofed area);
               b.   Retention pond (capacity, depth, size);
               c.   Swales and natural absorption area; and/or
               d.   A combination of any of the above.
            3.   Provisions for water supply and sewerage, either public or private;
            4.   Width of street driving surface and width of right-of-way;
            5.   Location of ingress and egress drives;
            6.   Name, address and telephone number of person responsible for submitting site plan; and
            7.   In addition to the above the Plan Commission may request the following information be added to the site plan:
               a.   Calculation of intensity or density of use;
               b.   Indication of landscaping, grassed areas, screening provisions;
               c.   Provisions for acceleration and deceleration lanes and/or passing blister;
               d.   Proposed dedication of additional right-of-way;
               e.   Traffic pattern;
               f.   Development staging plan, if applicable;
               g.   Topographical features of the land; and
               h.   Any other information considered pertinent in the evaluation of the proposed development.
         (c)   After said Plan Commission approval, the Building Official shall issue the building permit if all provisions, regulations and codes of the Town have been satisfied.
      (4)   A record of all building permits, plot plans, approved site plans, certificates of occupancy and application for same shall be kept on file.
   (E)   Occupancy permits:
      (1)   No land shall be occupied or used and no building hereafter erected, reconstructed or structurally altered shall be used, in whole or in part, for any purpose whatsoever, until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued by the Building Official stating that the building and use comply with all provisions of this chapter and with all other applicable codes of the Town.
      (2)   A certificate of occupancy may be applied for coincidentally with the application for a building permit and shall be issued upon satisfactory completion of the improvement.
      (3)   A record of all certificates of occupancy shall be kept on file in the office of the Building Official.
   (F)   There shall be no change made in the use of a building or land without a certificate of zoning clearance being first issued by the Building Official. A zoning clearance shall not take the place of a certificate of occupancy as required by this chapter.
(Ord. 9-80, passed 12-15-1980)