(A)   The Plan Commission referred to in this chapter is the Town Plan Commission as duly created by the Town Council by Ord. 5-1976, dated 10-4-1976, under I.C. 36-7-4.
   (B)   The Plan Commission shall serve in an advisory capacity to boards and officials to encourage local units of government to support the improvement of health, safety, convenience and the general welfare of the citizens and to plan for the future development of their community.
   (C)   The Plan Commission is hereby invested with the following jurisdiction:
      (1)   To hold public hearings in matters pertaining to petitions for rezonings, annexations, special use permits and vacations, and to submit reports to the Town Council setting forth its recommendations. Recommendations may concern adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, ordinances, amendments and other matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission authorized by the advisory planning laws of the state;
      (2)   Render decisions concerning and approve:
         (a)   Subdivision plats or replats of subdivisions; and
         (b)   Approve development plans for residential, commercial and industrial uses.
      (3)   Prescribe uniform rules of procedure pertaining to petitions, hearings and the issuance of permits; and
      (4)   Review periodically the effectiveness of this chapter and initiate amendments or make recommendations in conjunction herewith.
   (D)   A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum. No action shall be official, however, unless authorized by a majority of the Commission.
(Ord. 9-80, passed 12-15-1980)