(A)   All Neighborhood Watch areas shall be developed and coordinated through the City Police Department.  The City Police Department shall conduct initial meetings and shall promulgate rules and regulations for the operation of the Neighborhood Crime Watch program.
   (B)   Any citizen choosing to start a Neighborhood Watch area on their street will contact the City Police Department to schedule a neighborhood organizational meeting.
   (C)   All Neighborhood Watch areas will be registered with the City Police Department.  Block Captains will be registered through the City Police Department by name, address, phone number, and any other information required by the Police Department.
   (D)   All citizens who participate in the Neighborhood Crime Watch program do so as a volunteer and assume the risk of any loss, injury, property damage or death.  Neither the city nor the City Police Department is liable or responsible for the injury, property damage or death of any participant in the Neighborhood Crime Watch program.
(Ord. 8-03, passed 10-13-2003)  Penalty, see § 32.99