Major Subdivision Approval
1105.01   Informal consultation.
1105.02   Preliminary plan required.
1105.03   Preliminary plan form.
1105.04   Preliminary plan contents.
1105.05   Supplementary information.
1105.06   Filing of the preliminary plan.
1105.07   Review and approval of preliminary plan.
1105.08   Approval period.
1105.09   Final plat required.
1105.10   Application for approval of final plat.
1105.11   Regulation governing improvement.
1105.12   Final plat form.
1105.13   Final plat contents.
1105.14   Certificate of approval.
1105.15   Filing of the final plat.
1105.16   Review and approval of final plat.
1105.17   Transmittal of copies.
1105.18   Replats, subdivision vacations, plat of streets, open spaces and easements for public utilities.