(A)   Notwithstanding other requirements of law, as soon as any person responsible for a facility, activity or operation, or responsible for emergency response for a facility, activity or operation has information of any known or suspected release of pollutants or non-storm water discharges from that facility or operation which are resulting or may result in illicit discharges or pollutants discharging into storm water, the MS4, state waters, or waters of the United States, said person shall take all necessary steps to ensure the discovery, containment, and cleanup of such release so as to minimize the effects of the discharge.
   (B)   Said person shall notify the city, by phone, or other method no later than 24 hours of the nature, quantity and time of occurrence of the discharge.  Notifications shall be confirmed by written notice addressed and mailed to the city within three business days.  If the discharge of prohibited materials emanates from a commercial or industrial establishment, the owner or operator of such establishment shall also retain an on-site written record of the discharge and actions taken to prevent its recurrence.  Such records shall be retained for at least three years.  Said person shall also take immediate steps to ensure no recurrence of the discharge or spill.
   (C)   In the event of such a release of hazardous materials, emergency response agencies and/or other appropriate agencies shall be immediately notified.  Failure to provide notification of a release as provided above is a violation of this section.
(Ord. 17-007, passed 3-7-17)