(A)   Industrial or construction activity discharge. Any person subject to an industrial or construction activity NPDES storm water discharge permit shall comply with all provisions of such permit.  Proof of compliance with said permit may be required in a form acceptable to the city prior to allowing discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system.
   (B)   Portable toilets.
      (1)   Property owners, occupants, managers or other persons in charge of any premises, office, business establishment, institution, industry, or similar facility, including construction or demolition sites, shall be responsible for the placement and sanitary maintenance of portable toilets.
      (2)   Portable toilets shall not be located upon any street or public right-of-way without prior approval from the city.  Portable toilets shall not be located on or within 20 feet of a storm drain or within 100 feet from any body of water including, but not limited to, project ponds with overflow devices.  Portable toilets shall not be located within 11 feet of a curb and/or gutter. If portable toilet placement is for a period of time lasting longer than one week and is determined by the city to be vulnerable to tipping from wind or vandalism, the portable toilet shall be secured by staking or cabling.
      (3)   Portable toilets shall be installed in a level position and be easily accessible to users.
      (4)   Where possible, portable toilets shall be located upon natural ground and not on an impervious surface such as concrete or asphalt.
      (5)   Portable toilets shall not be located whereby a spill or runoff will enter into storm drains or any water system.
      (6)   Portable toilets are not to be washed down whereby allowing contamination runoff to pollute soil and water resources and create potential human health issues and/or aquatic degradation.
      (7)   Portable toilets must be cleaned and services by a licensed service company at least once per week or when needed to maintain sanitary conditions.
(Ord. 17-007, passed 3-7-17)