(A)   Building design.
      (1)   Not less than 50% of the exterior walls of the primary building shall be finished with a brick, split faced block, stone veneer or similar material.
      (2)   Acceptable finish materials for the remainder of the exterior walls, trim and flashings shall include: wood or vinyl siding and shingles; stucco; EIFS (synthetic stucco); aluminum or other metal products; or similar materials as recommended by the Architectural Design Committee.
      (3)   The side and rear walls of all buildings shall be finished with the same materials and in the same color palette as the facade.
      (4)   At least 50% of the façade shall be occupied by doors and windows.
   (B)   Parking and loading. No parking spaces, loading areas or drive lanes shall be permitted within a required side or rear yard adjacent to a residential use district.
   (C)   Site lighting.
      (1)   All site lighting shall comply with § 154.525 of this code.
      (2)   Parking lot lighting standards shall not exceed the height of the primary structure or 25 feet, whichever is less.
      (3)   All parking lot and wall mounted light fixtures shall be of a fully-shielded, “dark sky” compliant design.
      (4)   No light fixture shall be placed within a side or rear yard area adjacent to a residential use.
   (D)   Landscaping.
      (1)   The perimeter parking lot landscaping requirements specified in § 154.069(D)(2) shall be doubled for side and rear yards, which are adjacent to a residential use district.
      (2)   Decorative fencing, walls or other structural screenings, which have been painted or stained to complement the architectural treatment of the building(s) may be permitted in lieu of doubling the perimeter parking lot landscaping requirements if recommended by the Architectural Design Committee.
      (3)   Existing topography, treelines and similar features that are not to be disturbed may be included in and considered a part of the landscaping plan.
      (4)   Stormwater management features shall be permitted in side and rear yards adjacent to a residential use district when incorporated into the landscaping plan.
   (E)   Site access. The number, width and location of all points of vehicular access to College Street shall demonstrate compliance with access management principles as outlined in Article 601(N) of the Engineering Rules and Regulations.
(Ord. 13-066, passed 11-19-13)