The Planning Commission may issue conditional zoning certificates for the uses listed below. The conditionally permitted uses allowable in this district shall be subject to all applicable requirements in §§ 154.542 through 154.546 of this code.
   (A)   Gasoline service stations and convenience stores selling gasoline subject to § 154.546(B)(13), (21), (24) and (32).
   (B)   Drive-in facilities such as banking, restaurants, beverage sales and similar uses subject to § 154.546(B)(20).
   (C)   Government-owned and/or operated buildings and facilities, other than those listed in (14) below, subject to § 154.546(B)(4), (6), (7), (10).
   (D)   Wireless telecommunications facilities, subject to §§ 154.495 through 154.506.
(Ord. 13-066, passed 11-19-13)