(A)   Whenever the Code Official determines that there has been a violation of this code or has grounds to believe that a violation has occurred, he or she shall issue an appropriate notice and order. Such notice and order shall:
      (1)   Be in writing.
      (2)   Include a description of the real estate sufficient for identification.
      (3)   Include a statement of the violation or violations and why the notice is being issued.
      (4)   Include a correction order allowing a reasonable time to make the repairs and improvements required to bring the dwelling or structure into compliance with the provisions of this code.
      (5)   Inform the property owner of the right to appeal.
      (6)   Notices and orders shall be given to the owner, agent, occupant, or the person or persons responsible therefore and shall be deemed properly served if a copy thereof is: 
         (a)   Delivered personally;
         (b)   Sent by certified or first-class mail addressed to the last known address; or
         (c)   If the notice is returned showing that the letter was not delivered, a copy thereof shall be posted in a conspicuous place in or about the structure affected by such notice.
         (d)   Notice and order shall be deemed to be properly served upon such owner or agent or occupant if a copy thereof is served in a manner provided for in a service of summons under The Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure.
(Ord. 11-015, passed 5-4-11)